About enssib

The École nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (or Enssib) is the French national LIS school associated with the Université de Lyon and located on the campus de La Doua. Its main mission for over 20 years has been the training of library curators. The school also grants masters degrees and carries out research in the fields of information science, librarianship and the history of books and libraries.

Enssib plays a major role in the creation and circulation of knowledge in its specific professional field : Information and library science.

Enssib was founded in 1992, as a successor to the ENSB (National School for Librarians), which was established in 1963 and transferred to Villeurbanne, near Lyon in 1974. In 199, Enssib merged with the Institute for Librarian Training, thereby becoming the only national establishment for the training of management and supervisory library staff.

Enssib is directly administered by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

The director is Yves Alix.