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Basic training - Masters

enssib is renowned for its excellence in the training of future information management professionals.

Its masters programmes cover fields and careers relating to the history, processing and exploitation of documented information. They are relevant to numerous established or emerging information management positions for which companies recruit: monitoring manager, community manager, library manager, digital archives administrator, digital editorial production chain manager, heritage collections specialists, project or document department managers, etc.

In partnership with prestigious institutions, it has developed five masters specialities built around three branches:

  • 3 masters in the field of digital documents: after a first year studying information sciences (Panist), in the second year students choose to specialise in the management of corporate information (scientific and technical information - Sibist), the management of archived information flows (digital archives) or the emerging field of digital publishing (Digital publication).
  • The masters in Library and Documentation Policy is specifically focused on the supervision and management of company libraries and documentation centres, specialised parastatal organisations.
  • The masters in the Cultures of the image and the written word, oriented towards the history of the book and libraries, prepares specialists in the knowledge and management of heritage collections.

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Life-long learning program

enssib has developed life-long training programs for professionals willing to increase skills and extend or update their knowledge. The different teaching approaches are aimed at helping the learner to engage with the chosen course.

Systems using education-oriented information and communication technology. Drawn up in close collaboration with the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (Libraries and Scientific Information Division) and the Ministry of Culture (Books and Reading Division), enssib's continuing education catalogue annually offers new training courses covering the four main themes and issues in a library context: establishment and management; collections and document policies; library users and computer science and information and communication technology.
In a context of civil service reform and the emphasis on lifelong learning, continuing education is now a core part of the ongoing development of individual skills.

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