International relations


Giovanna Montano, master student at Enssib, France, is the winner of EUCLID logo contest.
She will be invited by EUCLID to the next Bobcatsss Conference in Brno.  
Congratulations to Giovanna Montano !



Enssib has long been recognized abroad for its expertise in the specialist field of libraries and information science.
Enssib's priority is the encouragement and facilitation of international mobility, together with the enhancement of its European and French-speaking partnerships.

Encouraging international mobility
Encouragement of student mobility on an internship or semester basis in similar establishments, in partnership with the Rhône-Alpes Region via Explora Sup grants for Masters students; and via partnerships with libraries abroad for internships (1–3 months).

Welcoming international students
Every year Enssib admits appropriately qualified international students to its master level courses. These master level courses accept equivalences in the form of ECTS credits.

Encouragement of teacher mobility and participation of research teams in international colloquia or with Erasmus teacher mobility.
Enssib’s international reputation means that colleagues from other countries often come to the school for its areas of excellence. Enssib currently hosts visits for experts and teacher-researchers to reinforce the international and comparative aspects of its teaching or its research areas (visiting scholar program since 2013).

Enhancing francophone and international partnerships
This aspect of Enssib's international outreach program involves:

  • Erasmus partnerships with similar establishments. In 2013, Enssib was awarded the Extended Erasmus Charter for the 2nd time.
  • Membership of specialist associations from its field such as the Euclid-European Association for Library and Information Education and Research, and the discussions and colloquia that they organize (the Bobcatsss Congress for students or deliberations on a European study program, for example).

In addition, Enssib's international Relations Section provides support for students and teaching staff involved in international projects.

Foreign students
Enssib will help you with preparations for your stay and outline the administrative requirements for coming to France. Please note that all courses at Enssib are in French.
These requirements may vary whether you are from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or a country outside these categories.

You must also register with the French Social Security system. (Social Security and how it works in France)

If you are a foreign student with a French government grant or a grant provided by a state institution or a private company the Campus France association will help you organize your stay.

Focus on Bilateral Agreement with Urbana-Champaign University

Since 2011, The Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) - University of Urbana-Champaign (Illinois, USA) is one of our partner.


Two students from Enssib, Anita Singa-Saragba and Julie Arros, went in 2013 to study there for an exchange semestre. This year, Lydie-Anne Hascal has also been accepted for an exchange semestre in Urbana.

One "élève conservateur" did his internship at the academic library of the University of Urbana-Champaign in 2013.
The GSLIS also nominated Raphaëlle Bats, International Relations officer of Enssib, Research Fellow of their school. She was invited to go to Urbana-Champaign for one week of lectures, meetings, apointments with teachers and librarians, in October 2013.

Enssib has invited Terry Weech, Professor at the GSLIS, to visit us in Lyon for giving some lectures, meeting our Faculty or students. We hope having the opportunity to receive some of theirs students for an exchange meeting, a springbreak internship or maybe for our summer school.

Thanks to Terry Weech for his support and help with this bilateral agreement, very very interesting for our schools, teachers, and students.