The researchers at the French national information science and library school are lecturers-researchers, library curators, students on a variety of courses (masters, trainee curators), PhD students as well as researchers and library professionals associated with our activities in the framework of various projects.

The long-term research comprises two main fields: information (as a social subject) and the library (as a tool for the sharing of knowledge and culture). Both teams, ELICO and the Gabriel Naudé Centre, thereby work, each within their own area, on the history of the book, the history of libraries, the audience of contemporary libraries, internet use, the geography of the web, information content management, cultural, heritage or informational public policies, the production of digital information, documentary practices in the digital era, etc.

The subjects under study are many and varied but concern notably issues relating to access to information and the transfer of knowledge and culture.


Since 2013, enssib has concentrated all of its innovative digital projects within enssibLab. This department pilots projects spanning the enssib which all share a dimension of research and development in the field of digital innovation. More specifically, it is responsible for:

  • carrying out surveys and studies in the framework of the Digital Observatory for Higher Education and through its participation in the Ayushi project of an e-education platform integrating digital editorial resources aimed at bachelor degree level students;
  • designing and creating experiments focusing on all aspects of digital books in libraries, innovative interfaces for accessing digital content, including the visualisation of data and recommendation algorithms, innovative digital editorial productions, etc.
  • monitoring digital innovations in libraries: enssibLab shares the results of its monitoring and research work resulting in one or more digital applications in libraries via enssibLab posts and the “Brèves de l'enssib” blog posts;
  • taking part in training actions and organising events:  enssibLab takes part in study days, conferences, training and events. It also initiates calls for projects and organises scientific and professional events including the biennial digital event which is held on odd numbered years.