ABC Librarian


    Fonction/métier :  Bibliothécaire

    Niveau de responsabilité :  A

    Type de contrat :  CDD

    Durée :   24 mois

    Type d’employeur :  Organisation internationale

    Date limite de candidature :  01/03/2021

    Date de prise de fonction :  01/04/2021

    Rémunération :  /

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Contact et informations

Nom de l'employeur : WIPO ABC Secretariat, Copyright Management Division

Adresse : Chemin de Mon-Soleil 1A, 1202 Genève , 1202 Suisse

The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) is a public-private partnership led by WIPO and includes organizations that represent people with print disabilities such as the World Blind Union, organizations or libraries serving people with print disabilities and authors, publishers and collective management organizations. ABC aims to increase the number of books worldwide in accessible formats – such as Braille, audio, e-books and large print – and to make them available to people who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled.

ABC was launched on June 30, 2014 as a complement to the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually lmpaired, or Otherwise Print Disabled ("the Marrakesh VIP Treaty"). ABC supports the implementation of the Marrakesh VIP Treaty through, inter alia, the ABC Global Book Service (“the Service”), a centralized database allowing for the international exchange of books amongst participating libraries for the blind, known as authorized entities (AEs). Additionally, ABC intends to launch a new “Accessible Books Portal”, which will link an extensive network of catalogues of books in accessible formats.

The Contractor will collaborate closely with other members of the ABC Secretariat, including the Product Management Officer, the Library Sciences Expert, as well as the Fellows working for ABC.

The Contractor will provide library sciences services as follows :

a) Prepare and implement a plan to improve on a widescale and consistent basis, the quality of metadata within the ABC catalogue within the first four months of the contract;
b) Develop a subject classification system for the titles contained within the ABC catalogue within the first six months of the contract;
c) Coordinate ABC’s response to the growing need to convert specific national accessible formats produced by AEs to more widely used accessible format standards for the purposes of cross-border exchange of such accessible format copies;
d) Maintain active communication with AEs in developing and least developed countries, including running training sessions on “librarian best practices” and assisting with the implementation of appropriate IT solutions with the aim of assisting them in building their collections and increasing their usage of the Service;
e) Develop standard operating procedures such as manuals, guidelines, etc. to improve the efficient running of the Service;
f) Support the work of the ABC Fellows in integrating the new AE collections in the ABC catalogue and increasing the number of AEs that join the Service;
g) Test any new functions or features of the Service;
h) Participate in any teleconferences, meetings or international conferences/seminars as requested by the Head, ABC, including performing any administrative tasks related to the organization of such events; and
i) Any other related tasks as required by the Head, ABC.
The Contractor requires the following:

a) Minimum of five years experience working in a library;
b) A university degree in library sciences;
c) An extensive understanding of digital library management, including book cataloging, metadata storage and digital file storage;
d) Knowledge of accessible format standards and assistive technologies;
e) Ability to deliver results;
f) Commitment to the humanitarian objectives of the Marrakesh Treaty and ABC;
g) The ability to work well within a multi-cultural team and international environment; and
h) Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.