Hal Enssib

HAL is an open archive where authors can deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields. It is operated by CCSD.
Enssib manages its own institutional open access repositary known as HAL Enssib. It offers access to the scientific publications of Enssib’s researchers and to the school’s publications of scientific interest.


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Balisages, Enssib’s online research journal

Balisages publishes two annual issues in French and aims to reach an international readership by accepting material for publication in English. the journal is at the intersection of information, communication and library sciences, as well as an open anthropology (in the sense of a glance and not a discipline) of knowledge. A field that must therefore be mapped between digital and semiotic markers (« balises » in French), to promote or stimulate innovative intelligence on issues that affect both the document and the data, paper and digital as well as the forces that affect them.


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DLIS, collaborative research blog

Born of shared interests between the world of libraries and research, DLIS (Digital Libraries & Information Sciences) is a collaborative research log published with the support of Enssib. It is dedicated to the digital transformations in library and information science, open to all researchers, engineers, designers, students and information professionals who wish to share and discuss these questions.


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