Enssib is the French National Library and Information Science School.
It trains managers in information, documentation and library sciences for the public and private sectors, through a combination of initial and continuing education.
Enssib also puts great store on research as well as on promoting science and culture, particularly through its publications, its events program and the distribution of its open access resources.


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International strategy

Enssib is a leading educational establishment when it comes to collaboration in information and library sciences, particularly in French-speaking countries.
As such, it develops international partnerships with major training institutions for students, teachers, researchers and professionals. It thus facilitates the incoming and outgoing mobility of all of these groups.


Students mobility

Enssib encourages incoming and outgoing student mobility.
Each year, Enssib welcomes international students who receive personalised support. At the same time, it supports student mobility in the form of semesters, internships and participation in conferences abroad.

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International partnerships

Enssib has concluded partnerships with many international organisations and institutions including universities, in particular for student exchanges within the Erasmus programme and international professional associations.


International projects

As a key player in its professional community, Enssib initiates and participates in international projects.
In so doing, it contributes to the reflection on the place and role of libraries and promotes research in information sciences.


Visiting professors and international guests

Every year, Enssib welcomes many international visitors and speakers, including library professionals, teachers and researchers, in particular those invited as part of a specific programme.

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Library and resources

Enssib's library specialises in French-language resources in the fields of information and library science. It offers :
- 33,000 printed books
- 4,000 works by curators, librarians and masters graduates
- 700 paper periodicals
- 550 e-books
Enssib is committed to Open Science and Open Data, and is developing its open access resources.

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Enssib has an extensive publishing activity in the fields of information and library sciences. Enssib produces and publishes resources in the fields of information science and the history of books and libraries for members of the public and universities.

Bulletin des bibliothèques de France

Since 1956, the Bulletin des bibliothèques de France has been the professional reference journal dedicated to the world of libraries, books, information sciences and culture.


Les Presses de l’Enssib

Since 1993, Les Presses de l'Enssib has published a wide range of work (more than 125 titles) aimed at all the professional communities of information and library sciences. The catalogue is divided into three collections: La Boite à Outils, Papiers, and La Numérique.

DLIS Notebook

Born of shared interests between the world of libraries and research, DLIS (Digital Libraries & Information Sciences) is a collaborative research log published with the support of Enssib. It is dedicated to the digital transformation of information and library sciences.


The journal Balisages welcomes research work at the intersection of the information, communication and library sciences and the anthropology of knowledge.