Enssib hosts, supports and promotes research in information science, the history of books, heritage and libraries, as well as the anthropology of knowledge and the contemporary library.
Led since 2017 by Pascal Robert, research is part of Enssib’s statutory missions and is a strong focus the Enssib plan. Research contributes to the teaching provided and gives rise to scientific publications, the organisation of conferences, study days and seminars.
Enssib's scientific policy is driven by the research department with the support of the Scientific Council, notably when it comes to the scientific direction of scientific activity and the funding of research projects carried out by Enssib’s teacher-researchers.


Contact : Manon Salique

Research teams and research centres

Enssib's research work is organised around 15 researchers and two research teams hosted by Enssib: its own centre, the Gabriel Naudé Centre, and a multiple partner centre, ELICO, which brings together all the teacher-researchers in information and communication sciences at the University of Lyon-Saint-Etienne (Comue UdL).


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Scientific events

Throughout the year, Enssib hosts numerous scientific events: conferences, study days, summer schools and research seminars devoted to information and library sciences, the history of books and libraries and digital issues.

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Research projects

Enssib researchers participate in several research projects funded by different regional, national and European stakeholders.



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Visiting professors

In close collaboration with the Scientific Council, the Enssib International Relations Unit invites two to three foreign researchers each year.  



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Find out more about all the publications by Enssib researchers, the research journal Balisages, the DLIS log, the Abécédaire des Mondes Lettrés and much more.