Peter Dalsgaard

Peter Dalsgaard est "chercheur invité 2017" à l'Enssib. Il a donné une conférence jeudi 16 novembre sur "Participatory design of digital library services and systems”. Il revient sur son passage en France en tant que chercheur.

Peter Dalsgaard, chercheur invité 2017, en conférence à l'Enssib

Further to the conference gave during your stay to Enssib, that did you hold exchanges with the public or your meetings with the colleagues or students of the Enssib ? Essentially, that brought to you stay as "research fellow" invited to Enssib ?

Yes, as part of my stay we have had a number of meetings with Enssib researchers. I have also given a public lecture on the topic of "Participatory design of digital library services and systems”.
 I was invited because I am the director of a European research project, PLACED (Place- and Activity-Centric Dynamic Library Services), in which one of the main collaborators is Enssib. I work directly with Benoît Epron and Raphaëlle Bats from Enssib.  PLACED is a 3-year project aimed at developing a new type of place- and activity-centric digital library services. Whereas library services typically focus on providing access to a collection of media, PLACED services support activities in the library. The novel aspect of PLACED is that the services we develop will capture knowledge generated through activities in the libraries, make them a part of the library’s collection, and allow future library users to explore and access them. Our ambition is to create a basis for an ever-evolving collection built on library users' activities and knowledge generation.
In Lyon, we also collaborate with LIRIS, Université Lyon 1 & CNRS, and we carry out field studies and experiments at libraries in Lyon, including Part-Dieu and the library in the 6th Arrondissement. We will continue this collaboration for the next three years, in which we will develop prototypes of the new services and test them in libraries in Lyon, Gothenburg (Sweden), and Aarhus (Denmark).